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"We, the people of the entire world are one entity" 'The Message of Unity' For peace,tourism and art promotion, The painting created in 5 meter long canvas, at lumbini, the birth place of lord Buddha. "ART TOUR OF 77 DISTRICTS". "WORLD ART TOUR" The colours red and blue are the symbols of Nepali national flag. To introduce Nepal as the country which projects native arts and knowledge to the world. Despite the fact that there is revolutionary red within, the presentation should be peaceful blue. Academician Nagen singh Assembly Member NEPAL ACADEMY OF FINE ARTS.

Interested in nude art and triangle art, Nagen Singh a professional artist/painter. Graduated from the first batch of ‘Fine Art College Kathmandu’ as a student of MFA(Masters in Fine Arts) the passion for creating art has made him a World Art Traveller.





Journey to Moon

On a mission to paint on the moon!

One of Nagen’s missions in this lifetime is to paint by going to the moon. Being a World Art Traveller, he has completed traveling all the districts of his country, Nepal, and is looking forward to visiting all the countries of the world.

Here’s how much Nagen Singh has achieved in numbers!


  • कला क्रन्ति मशिक (२०६४-६९)
  • Kala Kranti National Monthly
  • Ganatrantik Khabar National Weekly (2065)


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  • Art Teacher
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  • Nagen’s Students Club (NS Club)
  • Nagen Camera Club
  • Nagen Fan Club
  • Nagen Live Sangit Club
  • Nagen Jocial Club
  • Nagen Singh Girls Fan Club
  • Nagen Art Band
  • Lalitkala Unesco Center (LUS)
  • Kata Kranti Abhiyan
  • Blosson Art Sangam


  • Art Teacher
  • Co-ordinator
  • Membership
  • Founder
  • Advisor
  • Patron

Art Collections - Nagen Singh

Browse through the wide variety of art collections from Nagen Singh Thakuri.


Love his art? Help Nagen achieve more by donating to him. As always Nagen’s spend his donations helping his society for a better future for everyone.

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Inauguration of International art exhibition by Tourism Minister sharma, announcement of 27 international awards.

The “Artist for Artist” International Open Online Art Competition and Exhibition,2021, organized by Nagen News Publications Pvt. Ltd. was inaugurated digitally by the chief guest, Manibhadra Sharma, Minister for Tourism, Industry, Commerce and Supplies of Gandaki Province,Nepal.
The minister; Manibhadra Sharma said that the new work done for the artists was commendable. Minister Sharma also added that the work was a fundamental one and that others should follow suit.
He also expressed the belief that international art competitions and exhibitions would be an opportunity for artists in the current situation, even during the Corona Wrath. He also said that the organizers have a very good idea to use the money from the sale of the painting for social work.
Speaking on the occasion, President of the Federation of Nepali Journalists, Kaski, Bimala Bhandari said that journalists should also give priority to painting. Bhandari added that it was a matter of pride for the exhibition started from Pokhara, Nepal.
With the motto, “No Sponsor, No Supporter, No Promoter only Artist For Artist”, “Artist for Artist”,an International Open Art Online Competition & Exhibition is organized once a year with the aim of giving name, value and honour to every artist for the prosperity, development and promotion of art and artist, Jyoti Hamal; president of the program and chairman of Nagen News Publications Pvt. Ltd. has said about the competition. Hamal informed that, 70% of the proceeds from the sale of the artworks will be given to the artist himself, 10% to the prize, 10% to the welfare program and 10% to the souvenirs. She informed that the works of art created by 160 artists from 15 countries, 2 amatur and 5 judges (total 167 artists), over 18 years of age, in different mediums, methods and sizes will be exhibited on for one month from September 20.
Nagen Singh Thakuri, academician, at the Nepal Academy of Fine Arts, Nepal, said that the “Artist for Artist” competition and exhibition was held to do something from the social media as no one did anything about the artist during the Corona pandemic. Thakuri also added that he will make this era as a diamond era in art history, during his life span.
Professor. Dr. Sumera Jawad,
(Principal at college of art and Design, Punjab University, Pakistan) ,Dadul Chaliha (Global Artist, Guwahati, Assam, India ), Professor Diwan Mohan (Shanto Meriam creative technology university, Dhaka, Bangladesh) Academician Jyoti Prakash B.K.( Center Department of Fine Art, TU,Nepal), Academician Nagen Singh Thakuri(Nepal Academy of Fine Arts, Nepal), were as the judes in this compition.
On the occasion, Academician Thakuri informed that the social media international awards would be made public after the end of the exhibition and the exhibition would be disseminated through 14 social media.
The 27 International artists awarded in the contest are as follows.
1) Araniko International Award-2021. Celso Duazo Pepito (Phillippins)
2) Leonardo Da vinci International Award- 2021. Rajendra Kawar (Nepal)
3) Pablo Picasso International Award-2021. Hassan Babar (Pakistan)
4) Jockson Pollock International Award-2021. Maxine Xin Xian xin (Malaysia)
5) Vincenet Vangogh International Award-2021. Nieger Saeeda Tasneen (Bangladesh)
6) Paul Gauguin International Award-2021. Gopi Shrestha (nepal)
7) J.M.W. Turner International Award-2021. Ann Nicodemo (Italy)
8 ) Michelongolo International Award-2021. Rabi Ali Khan (Pakistan)
9) M.F. Husain International Award-2021. Raj Kumar Paul (Bangladesh)
10) Sadequain International Award – 2021. Gehendraman Amatya (Nepal)
11) Shilpacharya Zainul Abedin International Award – 2021.
Buddi Thapa (India)
12) Atnur Dugan International Award. Bikram Shishir (Nepal)
13) Amateur International Award / Peshala Premathike (Shree Lanka)
14) Special International Award Anjon Kumar Roy (Bangladesh)
15) Special International Award. Anmol Mathur (India)
16) Special International Award. Arkom Thongprong (Thailand)
17) Special International Award. Sadia Bashir (Pakistan)
18) Special International Award. Erich González Triana ( Cuba )
19) Special International Award.
Fe Madrid Pepito ( Philippines)
20) Special International Award. Emilia Șulea (Romania)
21) Special International Award.
Isabella Scucchia ( Italy)
22) Special International Award.
Madeleine Albrecht (France)
23) Special International Award.
Rahman Mohamed (Malaysia)
24) Special International Award.
RajuManandhar (Australia)
25) Special International Award.
SapnapoudelMaharjan (Nepal)
26) Special International Award.
SM Asadullah ( UK )
27) Special International Award.
Alana James ( Ireland).
Notice: For public choice award.
Social international media award will be achieved by maximum like, comments and shares. Awards will be given to the participanting artist on the basis of following social medias;
A) i) YouTube international award
ii) Facebook international award
iii) Instagram international award
iv) Twitter international award
v) Tiktok international award
vi) LinkedIn international award
vii) likee international award
viii) Pinterest international award
ix) WhatsApp international award
x) Viber international award
xi) Imo international award
😎 Public media award eg. Radio, Television, Newspaper etc.
Award will be distributed after 1-2 weeks of the completion of Art exhibition.
Jay kala karanti !! Hail Art Revolution !!!